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Customized Publishing and User Access

The Changing World of Publishing

After nearly 400 years of slow-moving world of print, the publishing industry is suddenly being thrust into the fast-paced online world of cloud computing, crowdsourcing, democratized content distribution and mobile publishing. Thumbtack has worked with dozens of publishers ranging from big media sites such as NYTimes to niche publishers such as CollectorCollector to ensure they are meeting end user’s increasing demand of modern digital publishing needs.

Screens Are the New Paper

Your readers want engaging content wherever and whenever. Is your 20-year-old content library formatted to fit all the various form factors? We believe screens are the new paper; they come in different sizes and shades. Multi-channel content delivery on desktop, tablet and mobile is no longer a nice-to-have. Readers are expecting the best in class experience and there is no compromise. 

Paywall for Loyal Subscribers

There is an on-going debate about the effectiveness of paywalls. Isn’t digital content supposed to be free for all? Both The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times implemented distinct paywall systems ahead of the trend, and they saw results right away. In 2010, we helped NYTimes build the framework of its sophisticated metered paywall with features such as geotargeting, trial offers, coupons, enterprise licenses and multivariate testing. The results far exceeded anyone’s expectations. In 2012, NYTimes's revenues from circulation and digital subscriptions surpassed advertising income for the first time. Within a year, 20% of news publishers put up their own paywalls to cope with the declining advertising revenue.

Audience Intelligence for Publishers

For more than a century, publishers knew very little about their audiences: who they were; their interests and professions; what other materials they were reading. Since newspapers went online two decades ago, publishers’ knowledge of their audience has improved slightly but not by much. At Thumbtack, we believe the appropriate collection of data and customer insight is what’s going to transform the publishing business. It’s a combination of art and science. How do you define or identify your loyal readers? What about search terms, user actions in tools or utilities, or behaviors in mobile or email? Just what is it your user does that makes him or her a valuable audience?

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