Mar Tech

Data-Driven Marketing Engagement

Helping you provide your business customers with universal profiles, 360 views and actionable insight

Big Data + Programmatic + Personalization = Foundation of Modern Marketing

Our years of experience building programmatic big data systems with cutting-edge technology companies who drive innovation in Ad Tech enables us to apply the best practice techniques to Mar Tech companies.  Mar Tech companies provide businesses the ability to efficiently and effectively reach their targeted audiences, increase ROI and limiting the noise in our digital universe.

Designing, implementing and optimizing
high-throughput, low-latency, fault-tolerant systems
to meet the unique needs of Ad Tech and Mar Tech companies
is what we do, day in and day out.



  • Batch and realtime triggered email delivery
  • Automated A/B testing tools
  • Customer segmentation engines
  • Trigger personalized response emails
  • Analytics, performance dashboard integration
  • Social campaign management tools


  • Integrating account and firmographic data
  • Content recommendation engines
  • Web analytics integration
  • Digital behavior tracking
  • Segmentation engines
  • Cross-Channel Analysis tools


  • 3rd party integrations
  • Data layers management
  • Cookie matching

Helping businesses to build large-scale, data-driven, automated platforms to

optimize activity and investment is what we excel at. 


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Subscription marketing systems are a broad and complex topic, and our deployments range from simple software installs to complex implementations across multiple legacy systems. Contact us to begin the discussion on next steps.