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AdTech Solutions

One of the most dynamic and exciting industries today, AdTech companies are leaders in Big Data and sophisticated technologies. Thumbtack’s extensive portfolio of high-scale application development projects makes it a leader in the AdTech space.

Thumbtack Technology has been working with leading companies, providing solutions dealing with low-latency ad serving, Big Data visualization, high-load computing, machine-learning bidding strategies, and fraud detection.

Real-World Problems

Some of the real-world AdTech problems resolved by Thumbtack include:

Profile Matching

When handling ad requests, even a few milliseconds make all the difference. Thumbtack has built low-latency data enrichment processes which allow businesses to increase yield, whether the customer uses CPM, CPC, CPA, or a combination of them. Thumbtack has close partnerships with database vendors such as Aerospike and Couchbase and has architected solutions to process hundreds of thousands of matches per second.

Real-Time Bidding

Our performance engineers are experts in building fault-tolerant systems that can handle billions of transactions per day, using a variety of programmatic strategies. Our systems have integrated with a wide array of ad networks and exchanges (such as Yandex, Google, AppNexus, etc.).

Classification and Segmentation Algorithms

Our data science team uses a variety of classification algorithms to apply taxonomies to URLs and to group users into segments. These systems use Map-Reduce (Hadoop or otherwise) and are built on top of large data stores such as HBase. We have also implemented high-throughput data analysis pipelines and continuous machine learning processes for Data Management Platforms.

Polyglot Persistence

Synchronization between transactional relational databases (for campaign managment) and key-value NoSQL databases (to handle operational load) is done in a coherent and fault-tolerant way.

Reporting and Data Visualization

Analytical reporting combines technologies such as an event processing bus with analytical storage (e.g., Vertica) and key-value storage to achieve fast and robust report generation and presentation.

Anomaly Detection

Systems which analyze high-throughput traffic, and alerts about suspicious behavior or changes in traffic patterns.

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