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Mobile in demand

The high demand on mobile apps to incorporate functionality -- not as good as-- but in many ways surpassing the capacities of desktop apps, is top of mind for every business. People spend more time on their smartphones than they do desktops, and more time in apps than on browsers. Marketers and advertisers are investing more dollars in mobile than ever before. We're excited to be helping our customers make it all possible.

Our mobile niche:


  • Robust apps with stellar User Experience
  • Cross-device targeting and tracking
  • Smart integration with high-load fault-tolerant data systems
  • Leveraging geo-fencing, behavioral, location and beacon data
  • Delivering transparent in-app programmatic including video and native 
  • Content recommendation, Audience segmentation
  • Expanding multi-channel mobile messaging and CRM platforms

Our Mobile Ads SDK

As the demand for a mobile ads SDK became clear, and after building many of them custom for our clients, we built our own. Jumpstarting your mobile reach with the mobile ads SDK allows you to get to market quickly, and focus on extending it with your innovation and core value.

Features Include: 


  • Resizable and expandable banner ads
  • Customizable Native ads
  • Interstitials
  • VAST Video ads
  • Easy integration with wide range of Exchanges and DSPs
  • Supports tracking of clicks,impressions, video events
  • Trigger actions like launching web browser/calendar/phone call




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Building out cross device targeting and tracking, leveraging geo-fencing, behavioral location and beacon data, delivering transparent in-app programmatic including video and native, and expanding multi-channel mobile messaging and CRM platforms are top priorities moving into 2016.