Enable data-driven decision-making

Custom Solutions for "Right-Time" Data

Analytics gets a lot of air time but without a smart & agile architecture, you won’t have what you need to do the analysis which informs the actionable insight everybody is after.  

Introducing DataSwitch Architecture

› Fault-tolerant, linearly scalable design

› NoSQL, Hadoop, Relational + Analytic databases

› Integration of structural, non-structural, real-time, and bulk data

› Data modeling & Predictive algorithms

› Real-time Data Streams

› Visualization, reporting and programmatic response integration


DataSwitch is holistic flexible data architecture designed to grow and pivot with your business, customized to the specific domains and data needs within your enterprise.



As the types and sources of data proliferate, having a holistic view that spans across business systems is crucial. This means structural, non-structural, real-time and bulk loaded data from social, mobile, web, machine, CRM, ERP, transactional etc., must be able to come together for specifc analytical needs - without impacting operational performance.


Obviously there is no action without insight. Converting raw data into data models to enable predictive algorithms drive all yur engines from recommendation, loyalty and offers management, real-time bidding, to programmatic strategy, and fraud detection - and they all rely upon smart and agile architecture to succeed.


Storm, Kafka, Spark Streams and other technologies are incorporated into systems to operate wtih segments of data in real-time. The stream-like fashion provides a quick feedback loop enabling split second reaction and interaction.


For the vast majority of data-driven decisions that aren't autommated, people need to see the data - it is inactionable if we can't. Visualization tools, whether integrating with SaaS platforms like Pentaho, Tableau, and Domo, or customized dashboards, this too hinges upon right time data and flexible architectures.

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