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Cloud Architecture

Thumbtack is uniquely well-suited to help you plan, implement, and support your systems migration to the Cloud.

  • Cloud Architectural Design & Migration Planning
  • Cloud-Ready Application Design
  • Hosting and Support

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

The business case for moving applications to the cloud is impossible to ignore. Provisioning systems is vastly cheaper. New applications can be brought online without painstaking hardware procurement. Technologies such as Amazon's EBS storage systems provide extreme redundancy without intensive systems administration. There are dozens of cloud technologies that allow applications to be developed and deployed inexpensively, with a substantially smaller maintenance footprint than running the same applications internally.

Thumbtack Cloud-Ready Application Design

Of course, the cloud presents unique challenges that differ from traditional hosting. Running inside an external multi-tenant virtualized environment makes data access much slower than we're used to. More sinisterly, there are other types of failures to plan for, and when systems fail they may fail in non-obvious or very subtle ways, involving underlying infrastructure issues that are not transparent.

Thumbtack's background in distributed and fault-tolerant systems is ideally suited to moving applications to the cloud. Our Lean/Agile development-to-deployment process provides quick results and obviates the risk of all-or-nothing releases by allowing gradual migration from traditional datacenters. Our core architectural principle is producing repeatable, horizontally scalable, time-independent services, a paradigm fits perfectly with cloud deployments. Even when our clients choose a traditional deployment model, our systems are built in a way that will fit well should they later chose to move to the cloud.

Hosting and Support

A Cloud deployment simplifies your systems administration needs considerably. Many of our customers find they it best to rely on Thumbtack’s team of Amazon-certified Support Engineers to monitor their cloud system and make sure it scales up and down with their evolving business demands. Thumbtack provides the following services:

  • 24x7x52* support, connecting you to a dedicated representative
  • 24x7x52 application monitoring, with our technicians getting notified in the event of an unexpected problem
  • Daily backups
  • Performance Engineering

Amazon Web Services

As an Amazon Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, Thumbtack has access to exclusive tools and support resources, and can monitor usage to perform correct scaling. That said, we always believe in the right tool for the right job, and have successfully built systems using many other systems, including Azure and Digital Ocean.

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Whether you’re a startup looking to keep your systems costs light, or are looking to migrate your legacy systems from a traditional data center, Thumbtack can help.  Contact us and let us figure out the best way to help.

* ^ If one of our competitors promises you 24x7x365 support, this is proof that they’re bad at math. Thumbtack is good at math.