How We Work

The Alchemy that Makes the Magic Happen

The Finest Mix of International Talent and Agile Delivery

Global Agile Architecture + Execution

For the kinds of problems Thumbtack solves, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Software Development. Our global team works in harmony with you throughout the engagement to adapt to the emergent needs of your fast-paced business.

  • 2-Way Communication
  • Consistent Delivery-Orientation
  • Continuous Improvement

Devising Your Plan through Technical Discovery

Led by our CEO and Principal Architect, Ben Engber, our architects work on site with you to understand your business challenges and translate them into technical solutions. This begins with the Discovery process, in which we:

  • Identify key pain points
  • Conduct a strategic assessment of solutions
  • Map process flow across departments
  • Provide risk/return blueprint

Having done this, we build tactical plans that minimize project risk and provide both technical architecture and project plans that can adapt to changing requirements. The process involves:

  • Breaking down large tasks into concrete manageable steps
  • Isolating components in a loosely coupled architecture
  • Creating an incremental implementation plan
  • Planning for redundancy and failover

Strong Feedback Loops with Lean/Agile Process

Led by our VP of Operations, Jonathan Hansen, our global team of Lean/Agile project facilitators work closely with you and keeps your international team fluidly aligned with your evolving business needs. Whether you’re the founder of an early-stage Lean Startup building an emergent product despite great uncertainty, or whether we are collaborating with your existing Scrum or Waterfall engineering team to add unique value to a mature product line, we connect our process to your needs, using the Kanban Method.

World-Class Development Delivered to You

Led by Co-Founder and CTO Dmitry Pashkevitch and VP of Engineering Andrew Gusev, our Russian development office is amply staffed with extraordinary developers and QA engineers that are tough to find. We run a comprehensive mentorship and training program to ensure we have a solid staff of Engineers who meet our standards. In collaboration with our on-site Architects, and through our Lean/Kanban process, our Engineering division offers:

  • a breadth of Programming Language expertise (Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js, .Net, Scala, just to name a few)
  • test-driven development
  • code reviews, both by subject matter experts on the team and by technical experts
  • rigorous test planning and quality assurance

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Whether you need to get a Minimum Viable Product in front of customers quickly, or are trying to augment your existing team with one of our key specializations, Thumbtack can adapt to your context to meet your specific needs. Contact us and let’s figure out how we can work together.

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