specializing in AdTech, FinTech and MarTech

 Specializing in AdTech, eCommerce, Digital Media, and MarTech

We've been partnering with innovative tech companies to create high-performance fault-tolerant systems which manage and leverage vast amounts of data for almost a decade. We're proud to have worked on some of the boldest products in ad tech including programmatic buying, DMP's and Fraud detection tools.


We bring our expertise in solving complex data problems to an array of business cases ranging from Intelligent subscription systems, to cross-device messaging platforms, to large scale content management & monetization systems.


We use our prediction and optimization engines, content recommendation tools, audience segmentation components and our mobile ads SDK as building blocks for our custom development work so we can dive right in to the differentiators that matter to our customers most.


And our lean and agile approach, Delivery Early, Deliver Often, means our customers are getting to market fast, are able to pivot as needed, and simply, are developing smart.

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