Email & Messaging

Flexible, Powerful, Reliable, Fast

The Thumbtack Messaging Solution is a comprehensive email and content delivery platform that enables companies to stream highly targeted content to current and potential customers. Targeting both user inboxes and mobile devices, the platform enables business users to deliver completely personalized and customized content to any user segments. A robust hosted solution, the system offers flexible delivery time guarantees, ability to run across multiple nodes, blazing performance, and is fault-tolerant and fully cloud-ready.

Building a Competitive Advantage

The Thumbtack Messaging Solution offers both scheduled campaign management as well as support for real-time emails. A flexible prioritization system allows the most critical messages to take precedence, ensuring they are delivered as quickly as possible. In addition, our distributed and fault-tolerant architecture ensures that messages are delivered even when hardware problems occur.

The solution can also integrate with a media company's business intelligence platform to enable a wide range of marketing experiments (for example, dynamically adjusted A/B testing to compare email and website conversion rates). This ability to combine email metrics with website analytics helps a business intelligence team deliver better returns from its marketing programs.

Proven Return on Investment

Leveraging the Thumbtack Messaging Solution not only provides unparalleled ability to customize content, design marketing tests, and offer new monetization options to a marketing team, it also provides clear savings over SaaS solutions. Since the system is cloud-ready, it can scale to billions of emails per year at low variable cost. Compared to SaaS email vendors, the Thumbtack solution saves anywhere from $100k to $300k per year.