Media Commerce Systems

Unified Commerce Solution Across Properties and Devices

The Thumbtack Media Commerce solution provides a comprehensive product catalog and revenue recognition system that enables enterprises to bundle a variety of media products under a single umbrella. Product bundles can be created across multiple sub-properties in multiple locations, each targeting their own set of devices, from web and desktop application to mobile apps, and allowing a mix of a premium and non-premium content to be managed and reported from a central system.

Third Party Licensing and Integration

The mobile space is rapidly consolidating under a set of potentially contradictory gatekeepers, each with their own notion of how to monetize content. A commerce system needs to both recognize and incorporate content partners such as Apple and Amazon as first class citizens, while giving companies the flexibility to define their own delivery models internally. The Thumbtack licensing service provides a standard, flexible way to manage content while ensuring compatibility with emerging third parties.

Loyalty Programs

Thumbtack's commerce systems support a robust stored value and loyalty infrastructure, allowing you to offer a variety of coupons, promotions, reward point programs, and gift cards. This is all done using proven tools for calculating taxes and seamlessly tracking customers and transactions.

Social and Communal Accounts

Our framework provides a generalized view of a customer that can be leveraged to build complex interrelationships in a social world. For example, you may decide to offer account hierarchies, allow users to give their friends limited access, do cross-promotions within social networks, or provide family plans. All these capabilities can be implemented as first-class citizens within the system.

PCI Compliant

Thumbtack takes security very seriously, and our solutions are certified as PCI-compliant.