Application Performance

Transforming Applications to Handle High Volume

Since its founding, Thumbtack has applied its engineering expertise to design and build high-speed and distributed systems. Many of our customers are companies whose existing applications were unable to grow as their business did. Whether due to faulty initial assumptions or use of a vendor without the necessary expertise, companies often find themselves struggling to keep systems running. The Thumbtack Implementation Process is designed to start delivering dramatic improvements out of the gate while continuing to fine-tune and expand capacity behind the scenes.

Design Principles

Thumbtack engineers are trained to follow our core application design principles for all projects we take on, regardless of other requirements. These principles include designing for hardware failure as well as building systems in repeatable, time-independent ways. Any piece of software we develop will be designed to run safely in any environment and produce consistent, predictable output.

Latency and Throughput Monitoring

As part of our standard delivery process, Thumbtack performs stress testing to determine latency and throughput for the platform in question. We view latency at any required volume as a first-order usability and customer experience benchmark. We work with our clients to chart expected traffic, plan for expected (and unexpected) growth, and constantly tweak responsiveness to provide a truly crisp user experience.

Client and Server Side Optimization

In addition to bringing an extensive set of skills to optimize server performance, we also provide toolkits to optimize client-side application response time. This includes techniques such as on-the-fly compression, optimizing client-side caching, Javascript tuning, image optimization, as well as leveraging our own Thumbtack Optimization Engine. The result is not only a better user experience, but higher rankings from Google and other search engines.