Thumbtack is always looking for creative people eager to solve a variety of problems across different industries. The kind of people who thrive here are those who seek more sophisticated engineering challenges than the daily grind of web publishing.

Regardless of the technical level, we're looking for the type of person who can cut through the clutter, propose a solution, and drive it to completion. 

Inside Sales Representative

Thumbtack Technology is a rapidly growing software IT Consulting firm based in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Thumbtack focuses on 5 key marketing segments:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud
  • Social Media

Thumbtack's client portfolio includes some of the world's best known companies such as The New York Times, The, Etsy, The Weekly Standard,, and AppNexus. We are recognized as being one of the top consulting companies in the NoSQL space having strong partnerships with Aerospike, 10gen, Neo4j, VoltDB, and Amazon Web Services.

Position Responsibilities

Working closely with the Head of Sales and management team, the Inside Sales Representative will be responsible for creating new opportunities in the marketplace for Thumbtack Technology by:

  • Focus on making the volume of outbound calls and emails necessary to help the team exceed established targeted goals.
  • Planning and implementing direct sales campaigns and generating sales leads with sales team.
  • Coordinate schedules and presentations for Head of Sales.
  • Helping to secure meetings and assist the Management Team in closing deals.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

  • College Degree
  • 2+ years selling consulting services or software products
  • A proven aptitude for learning technical terms and an understanding of selling complex IT solutions
  • High level of energy, enthusiasm, initiative, commitment, and self starter
  • Professional with good organizational and planning skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Team player
  • Desire to grow into field sales representative or manager of larger inside sales force


Salary will be a combination of a base + Commissions + Bonus. OTE is targeted for $75,000 first year. Thumbtack offers competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and flexible work arrangements. If interested, email resume and cover letter to

Senior Engineer/Problem Solver (Java, Python, or explain your choice)

We are a small consulting company that specializes in scalability and distributed computing, and we're looking for engineers that thrive on solving complex problems and finding elegant solutions for an inelegant world. We're not looking for a particular laundry list of skill sets, but we do expect our engineers to learn new technologies and adapt as needed.

We use and encounter a good mix of languages in our projects to date (Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C++, Objective-C) and are keenly interested in emerging languages for the JVM/CLR such as Clojure, and Scala, and Jx (where x is your favorite scripting language). In coming in, you'll be expected to pick up new technologies from your peers, and also to teach those around you.

What we offer

A small team of very smart people who want to solve problems that no one else can. We strive to create an environment where our creativity and internal motivations sell themselves to clients.

What we expect from you

  • A strong sense of pride in what you produce and an innate satisfaction in well-crafted code.
  • Deep and fundamental understanding of at least one object-oriented language.
  • Understanding of multithreading and the issues that come with it.
  • Knowledge of relational databases, and an interest in alternative ("noSQL") persistence solutions.
  • A desire to learn, and the ability to teach others.
  • The ability to cut to the chase of customers' needs and direct them to what they want, even when they don't know themselves.
  • How to design software that scales across multiple machines, or a serious interest in learning it.
  • Excitement to learn new technologies and languages

Skills (all are helpful, none are required)

At Thumbtack we are technology-agnostic, but below are the kinds of things we screen for when we hire developers.

  • Java (Spring, Hibernate, JSP, SpringMVC, Tapestry, etc.)
  • Javascript, AJAX, and related libraries (such as JQuery, YUI, etc.)
  • Python, Django
  • C#, ASP.NET, COM Interop
  • Unix scripting, Perl
  • Dependency injection frameworks (Spring, Guice, Castle Windsor, or similar)
  • Asynchronous design and message-based software. Knowledge of high-speed message queuing systems like ZeroMQ is a plus.
  • Idempotence and transactional integrity
  • How to design a REST API
  • Framework choices (Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, Django, CakePHP, etc.)
  • Understanding internals of data structures, and when to use them for what
  • Factors to consider when building distributed systems
  • Any non-traditional solutions for problems you've encountered
  • Test driven development

Project Manager

Thumbtack Technology is a full service software development services firm focused on building, testing, and deploying scalable and robust applications and systems for Fortune 500 clients and startups. Our projects are each customized to our clients' needs, and have included custom CMS platforms, custom email marketing platforms, distributed systems and non-relational databases, SOA integration, and much more.

We are at the forefront of the NoSQL movement, typically solve our clients' most challenging technical challenges, and work with some of the world's largest media and technology companies. We are growing rapidly and have doubled in size over the last two years.

Job Requirements

Thumbtack Technology is looking for someone responsible for managing the execution of Internet-related projects from concept through development and delivery.

  • 2+ years of interactive project management experience
  • Excellent verbal and written skills
  • Solid track record of successfully developing projects from start to completion
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to lead teams in high-pressure situations
  • Outstanding organizational, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Ability to multi-task and process information expeditiously
  • Intimate understanding of internet trends, especially social networking and cloud computing
  • Experience pitching ideas and generating new business within existing client accounts


Reporting to the CEO and Founder of Thumbtack, the project manager is responsible for guiding the s oftware development team and overseeing technical projects while making sure demands are met, schedule is on track, and all parties involved are up to date.

  • Understanding the project ideals thoroughly and assessing the requirements of the project, the stages involved, the milestones and the specific deliverables
  • Creating project estimates that take into account what each project requires, and what external resources may be needed
  • Working with team leaders to identify critical milestones and ensuring the timely delivery of such milestones
  • Developing new business opportunities and overseeing client relations, engaging and managing prospects and customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Create and maintain project plans and relay project status to clients
  • Constantly monitoring work progress to ascertain that there are no time or cost overruns